Since early childhood, music has been David's inspiration. His mother, the late Lessie Pankey relates that as an infant he would get excited each time he saw a piano. She would put him on her lap so he could stroke the keys! Mrs. Pankey was a wonderful pianist who was David's first teacher. She continued giving him musical tips as well as playing for family & friends until her death in April 2009.

Once the family bought a piano, he played non-stop. He had great support, since his mother and father always knew that his talent would take him far. She taught him Methodist church hymns. To this day David injects a little "gospel flair" in his jazz as a tribute to his mother.

Pankey spent much of his adult life as an employee of BellSouth Advertising & Publishing Corporation. He retired as Regional Manager in 2002 after returning to Charlotte from Atlanta, Georgia.

Now, David has realized his dream as a jazz pianist. His limited edition CD release "Out of the Box" received rave reviews in 2003/2004.

Since then, he credits more than 100 performances, including concerts and jazz festivals. Other venues include performances for the prestigious Quail Hollow Club and it's members, Charlotte City Club, Queens University Learning Society, HeartBright Foundation, Myers Park Country Club, Auntie Karen Foundation and many others on a recurring basis.

David's inspiration continues to be his music, however; his predominant inspiration in addition to his mother is his wife Jeanette, who provides great support and is the catalyst for his musical creativity.

Latest Performances

October 06, 2019
4-6 pm
Trio Concert - Guest Saxaphonist Galvin Crisp
Haid Theater - Belmont Abbey College
November 02, 2019
6-8 pm
Heartbright Foundation Soirée
1829 Cleveland Ave. Charlotte NC
November 15, 2019
7:15 p.m.
Middle C Jazz Room Performance
300 South Brevard St. Charlotte, NC
December 13, 2019
7-10 pm
Northwestern Mutual Holiday Party
Quail Hallow Club Ballroom (Private Event)
December 14, 2019
6 pm
Holiday Concert at Allison Creek Presbyterian Church
5780 Allison Creek Rd, York, SC